About Will Cluleewill

Will has been involved with working spaniels English Springer, Cockers and Labradors, competing in field trials and shooting over his dogs for many years. Will trains and breeds quality gundogs.

Will Clulee’s passion for shooting and training gundogs started from an early age.

When Will left school he commenced his first job as a under keeper at Hodnet Estate, North Shropshire under head keeper Mr Mike Williams.

Will returned after a year to work for his father Peter Clulee of “Larford” Gundogs to help run the family business of boarding dogs and cats as well as train, breed and trial gundogs.

When Will was 17 years old he qualified a bitch Cresset Poker dot for the English Springer Spaniel Championships.

In 1992/1993 Will spent time overseas in Houston, Texas, USA in a training establishment.

In 2001 Will started his own business from his family home with his partner Sue.

Will has made up 31 Field Trial Champions of which 25 are Cocker Spaniel Champions and 6 English Springer Spaniel Champions.

Will is an A panel judge. His judging appointments have taken him all over the UK and Ireland as well as overseas to Sweden and Denmark. Will has judged the Swedish Championships.

Will judged at the 78th Spaniel Championships at Conholt Park in Andover, Hants in 2008.

Will shot at the 79th Spaniel Championship in 2009 at Belvoir Castle, Leicestershire.

Will judged both the 86th English springer Spaniel and cocker spaniel Championships in 2016

Will draws upon over 25 years of experience training, shooting over and field trialling his dogs.

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